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Rice & Associates, Inc. is a training and organizational development / management consulting firm located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

We specialize in the areas of Leadership, Teambuilding, Conflict Resolution, Managing Change, World Class Customer Service, Consultative Skills/Selling, Front-Line Supervision, Creativity/Innovation, Process Improvement and Specialized Communications.

In addition, all of our programs are custom-designed based on each client's stated needs and are skills based. We incorporate numerous role-plays and exercises, based on real life situations, to ensure integration back into the work place. Our programs range from a half day to four days.

Rice & Associates, Inc., also provides keynote speeches all around the United States. The response to these presentations is tremendous due to the unique presentation style. All of our speeches incorporate group participation, exercises for skill-building, as well as handouts for quick reference. Our speeches are custom-designed to flow with any themes your organization is promoting.







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Customized: All workshops and keynote speeches are customized to meet each specific client's stated needs.

Skills Based: Concrete skills provide participants with step-by-step roadmaps for application back on the job.

Real Time Issues: All roleplays and exercises are based on real live examples that participants are currently experiencing on the job.

Interactive: Roleplays and exercises are utilized to ensure retention and application of skills back to the workplace. Lecture only constitutes approximately 15% of class time.

Benchmark & Measures: Rice & Associates is committed to helping our customers establish benchmarks and measures for maintaining long-term accountability with participants.

Time Commitment: Workshops range from one half day to four days and are based on each client's stated needs.

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For an indepth proposal and/or pricing, please contact Rice & Associates, Inc. (336) 370-1555 or Click to E-mail.