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Training and Organizational Development / Consulting


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Leadership, Empowerment and Teambuilding

Leadership and the Development of the Empowered Employee

The Art of High Impact/Performance Leadership

Front-Line Supervision

Empowerment: The Practical "How-to's" of Implementation

Teambuilding: The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

Emotional Intelligence:  The Underlying Dynamics of Success in Today's World

FranklinCovey's "Speed of Trust Foundations"

FranklinCovey's "Leading at the Speed of Trust 3.0"

Creativity and Change

Managing Change Into the 21st Century

The Innovative Employee: Models and Strategies for Practical Creativity

Specialized Needs

The Opinion Survey: Gauging the Temperature of Your Organization

The Leadership Image Study: Turning Managers into Leaders

Outdoor Adventures: The Experiential Approach to Teambuilding

Executive Coaching:  Strategic Tools for Effective Leadership

Leadership Versatility Index (LVI)/Leading Edge 360 Tool

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Training Programs

The MBTI: Assessment and Teambuilding, Level I and II

Communication Dynamics

Precision Communication Dynamics

Precision Sales Dynamics

Precision Customer Services Dynamics

Conflict Resolution: Managing the Process

Consultative Skills/Selling

The Art and Skill of Negotiation

Result-Oriented Meetings: Structure and Process

Writing Your Way to Power in the Workplace

Other Programs and Services

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Manage Stress with Ease

Process Improvement: Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma

Statistical Process Control and Problem Solving

The Resilience Advantage™ Workshop and Coaching

Successful Hiring Practices: Finding the Right Person for the Job

Consulting: Coaching, Facilitation and Mediation

Train the Trainer Program

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